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The First World Science and Technology Development Forum Will Be Held in Beijing in Mid-October
2019-10-10 11:53

CNR Beijing, September 4 (Reporter: Qin Yong) The reporter learnedtoday (Sept 4th) from China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) thatas one of the key activities of CAST's "International Month", theFirst World Science and Technology Development Forum (WSTDF) will be held inBeijing on October 16-17, 2009. Under the theme of "Science, Technologyand Development", WSTDF will invite roughly 200 academicians and expertsfrom more than 20 countries and regions, Nobel laureates, fellows of prestigiousS&T organizations, celebrated entrepreneurs, university presidents andscholars to attend the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, launch/releaseevent, high-level dialogues, parallel sessions and study visits.

It is learned that WSTDF will invite Romain Murenzi (HonoraryPresident of CAST and Executive Director of The World Academy of Sciences),Yang Qiang (Executive Council member of the Association for the Advancement ofArtificial Intelligence) and Jules Hoffmann (Recipient of Nobel Prize inPhysiology or Medicine 2011) to give keynote speeches. Focusing on the theme of"Scientific Development, Technological Innovation and HumanCivilizations", WSTDF will also invite 4-6 well-known scientists,educators and entrepreneurs from home and abroad to hold high-level dialogues.

WSTDF will consist of three parallel sessions on the followingtopics: "S&T Revolution and Industrial Transformation","Science & Technology and Education & Culture" and"Growth of Young Scientists and SMEs".

According to Liu Xingping, Deputy Director of CAST Department ofAcademic and Societies Affairs, WSTDF will highlight its strategic positioning,further promote openness and cooperation, give full play to the unique role ofnon-governmental S&T diplomacy, and reach out to those high-level expertssuch as the members of foreign academies and the fellows of prestigious S&Torganizations in an effort to make more friends for China and to broaden the connectionsbetween CAST and the international S&T community.

WSTDF will employ the innovative model of "CAST + CAS &CAE + prestigious international S&T organizations or institutions".Jointly sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST),the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE), and co-sponsored by prestigious international S&T organizations suchas Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations, WSTDF aims tobuild an iconic brand through which the Chinese S&T community joins handswith the international S&T community to seek mutual advances.

Highlighting sustainable outcomes and results, WSTDF will striveto achieve solid results in the following four areas. The first is to releasethe "Top 10 Scientific Challenges Critical to Human Society Developmentfor 2019" jointly selected by prestigious S&T journals such as Research, Chinese Science Bulletin and Lancert.The second is to establish an international scientific issue database and aninternational talent database for cooperation and exchange. The third is todevelop a long-term cooperation mechanism with world-renowned academies andimportant S&T organizations. The fourth is to consolidate the opinions ofinvited guests and sum up the insights of think tanks on the basis of in-depthexchanges.

Source: CNR