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China has developed a self-propelled bionic soft body submersible
2019-08-26 14:54

Xinhua News Agency, Xi'an, August 5th (Reporter Mao Haifeng Fu Ruixia) With the exploration, development and utilization of marine resources more and more urgent, research and development of bionic intelligent underwater vehicles has become a major global marine science field in recent years. hot spot. Recently, the sliding raft integrated self-deformation bionic soft body submersible developed by Northwestern Polytechnical University successfully carried out the first flight, marking an important step in the development of high-performance bionic intelligent underwater vehicles in China.

The self-deformed bionic soft body submersible is a research project supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It uses the manta ray as a bionic prototype and adopts an alternate gliding and fluttering sliding propulsion mode. It has high propulsion efficiency, high maneuverability and high stability in water. Sexuality, low environmental disturbance, low noise, large load space, large load capacity, soft landing on the seabed, etc.

Pan Guang, the person in charge of the self-propelled bionic soft body submersible project, and the director of the School of Navigation of Northwestern Polytechnical University, told reporters that the development of the sliding propulsion integrated underwater propulsion technology enables the submersible to have the high maneuverability of the underwater vehicle. With the long battery life of the water glider, it can effectively solve the problem of insufficient mobility, concealment and endurance time of the traditional submersibles in China.

This slip-flop integrated bionic soft body submersible is a proof-of-principle prototype with a wingspan of 0.8 meters. It is powered by a lithium battery and has a top speed of 1 knot. It can realistically simulate the sliding posture of the manta ray.

The above diagram demonstrates that the prototype demonstrates a flutter in the swimming pool of Northwestern Polytechnical University (photo taken on August 3).

Below on August 3, the students of the research team of Northwestern Polytechnical University verified the internal skeleton of the prototype in the debugging principle. Xinhua News Agency reporter Shao Ruishe

Source: Technology Daily

(Editor: Zhao Zhuqing, Lu Wei)