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China has developed a self-propelled bionic soft body submersible

Xinhua News Agency, Xi'an, August 5th (Reporter Mao Haifeng Fu Ruixia) With the exploration, development and utilization of marine resources more and more urgent, research and development of bionic intelligent underwater vehicles has become a major gl... 2019-08-26

Top 10 Most Growing Technologies in the Global Industrial Internet

In order to accurately grasp the strategic direction of the global industrial Internet, timely track the dynamics and characteristics of industrial Internet innovation, ... 2019-08-26

The explosive growth of digital culture industry has dawned

The 2019 China International Consumer Electronics Show opened recently in Qingdao, Shandong Province. A girl experienced VR equipment at the show.... 2019-08-26

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: "4G speed reduction" is out of nothing

Recently, the article about "4G network is slowing down" has caused heated discussion. According to the article, operators are secretly reducing the speed of 4G networks in order to promote 5G, and the order to slow down is from the Ministry of Indust... 2019-08-26

China established the first underwater tunnel technology innovation platform

On the 24th, the Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering established the Underwater Tunnel Engineering Technology Branch, which is the first professional academic exchange and technological innovation platform for underwater tunnels in China... 2019-08-26

Reporter measured 4G network speed, there is a gap in 4G network speed at different time and place

Original title: Reporter measured 4G network speed There is a gap in 4G network speed at different time and place Recently, the rumors of “building 5G to 4G speed reduction” on the Internet have formed a hot topic among many mobile phone users.... 2019-08-26

The second planet of the 23 million-year-old painted frame beta "appears"

According to a recent report by the Physicist Organization Network, the researchers discovered a second planet that runs around Beta Pictoris, helping astronomers gain a deeper understanding of the planet system being formed.... 2019-08-26

Six departments are empowering universities and research institutes

On August 21, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced "Several Opinions on Expanding Research-Related Autonomy of Universities and Research Institutes" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions").... 2019-08-26

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